We Assure Your Food Supplier Verification Program is done the right way

Kellerman Consulting are food safety and FDA regulation experts. We assure that your food programs meet the required federal, state and local regulations so you can stay focused on manufacturing and delivering your food products and avoid problematic and costly encounters when health inspectors arrive unannounced at your facility.

We work with clients in all 50 states to create FSVP plans and prerequisites that will be approved and meet all FDA requirements, and we have a proven track record of getting approvals from health inspectors.

We work hand-in-hand with you to assure that you not only comply with all FDA regulations, but that you also have a plan in place that evaluates and prevents risks and hazards before they occur in relation to your foreign imports of food.

Kellerman Consulting assures you do food import safety the right way. Call us today at (800) 535-1376 or email us at info@kellermanconsulting.com for a free consultation.

For more detailed information about FSVP, keep up to date with our blog and check out the FDA resource page.

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Step 1: Hazard Analysis

We perform a hazard analysis to identify potential hazards in your food safety importation program, including biological, chemical and physical hazards, as required by the FDA. 



Step 2: Evaluate Risk

We work with you to assure you evaluate the risks of food and food performance by your foreign suppliers, including their past performance history, their hazard controls, and all other relevant FDA requirements.



Step 3: Supplier Verification Activities

We assure your plan includes steps to verify that your foreign suppliers imports are tested and reviewed to minimize hazards and risks, in compliance with the FSVP regulations.