Mickey Kellerman, Co-Founder & President

Mickey Kellerman
Co-Founder & President

The reason we started Kellerman Consulting is because of our passion for doing things the right way.   What drives us is getting the opportunity to find solutions to the toughest problems.

We're results-oriented people, and when it comes to managing projects, we know how to get things done efficiently and successfully.  We’ve managed projects large and small, and we work tirelessly to get things done on schedule and under budget.

We're endlessly fascinated to learn about new business models and business processes, and to help to improve them.  We love working with business owners and executives to help them to grow their businesses in a smart, sustainable way. 

My training began at Northwestern University where I studied Industrial Engineering and began my training in project management, change management and project implementation.  Industrial Engineering was the perfect fit for me because it taught me the tools to systematically analyze business problems and charge toward a desirable outcome. Industrial Engineers are productivity and quality improvement specialists.  We figure out how to do things better by eliminating the waste of time, money, and energy.   Our aim is to save money without sacrificing quality or speed of delivery of goods and services.

Starting Kellerman Consulting is a dream come true.  It gives us the opportunity to collaborate with talented business owners and executives and help them to realize their company’s fullest potential.

Please contact me personally at 1-800-535-1376 or at info@kellermanconsulting.com to discuss how Kellerman Consulting can help you take your business to the next level.

- Mickey


Brian Kellerman, Co-founder & principal food safety consultant

Brian Kellerman
Co-Founder & Chief Regulatory Officer


Through my years of experience working with small businesses and non-profits, I have focused on the complex needs for smart organizational growth. Quality Assurance is more than making sure the end service is executed correctly.  It is also about understanding how change and growth will improve or hamper that execution.

Working directly with owners and operators, as well as directing Quality Assurance, Quality Compliance and Food Safety programs, I have developed a profound respect for the convictions business owners have in organizations they shape. The first step in helping a business improve is to understand the uniqueness of each business. Other consultants may offer a script or a set program to squeeze your business into. We offer the expertise and experience to bring you something greater, a program that is designed for your business.  

Working with business owners to improve their decision-making and refining their processes is first and foremost about listening and understanding their needs and goals. My experience instituting new safety measures, implementing new specialty packaging lines and analyzing smarter uses of space and resources is the foundation of the assistance I can offer clients. My ability to understand the finer details and how they fit with the big picture business goals is what sets me apart from other business specialists, and I look forward to helping businesses orient themselves and their systems towards long term sustainable growth and profitability.

- Brian