Application Process for State of Ohio Medical Marijuana Cultivator Licenses

On Friday, April 21st, the Department of Commerce released the application for Cultivator licenses for the State of Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. As had been announce earlier in the month, the application-filling period was divided into two consecutive 11-day windows, with June 5-June 16th selected for the Level 2 Cultivators applicants and June 19th through June 30th selected for Level 1 Cultivator applicants.

While the process had been deliberative and slow moving earlier in the year, the pace of announcements and deadlines has sped up dramatically in April. Groups that had been waiting until announcements were made are at a great disadvantage, due to the lack of time is now available for determining a grow location, developing programs and putting key personnel in place. Also greatly disadvantaged by the process were groups that were hoping to get the states approval through lobbying, marketing within the application or through leveraging expertise. In order to remove any appearance of preferential treatment, the DOC has split the application into two sections, which must be submitted separately. The first section identifies the stakeholders in each entity, and does not allow for submission of any aspects of the business plan. The second section contains the five plans – Business Plan, Financial Plan, Security Plan, Operations Plan and QA Plan - and the company description, but cannot reveal the identity of the applicants in any way. If both sections are identified as being connected by the approval committee, the application will automatically be disqualified.

As a result of these decisions, it is imperative that groups seeking licenses begin compiling all their information, and to carefully prepare the application. We estimate that the compiling of information and filling out the application will take around 40 hours, not including complications that may come up during the compilation process. Additionally, it is imperative that organizations address all of the requirements found in 3796, and not rely on the committee approving a group based on their identity or origin story.

Located in the heart of Columbus, Kellerman Consulting works hand-in-hand with groups interested in obtaining cultivator, processor and dispensary licenses to operate as part of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. Kellerman Consulting assures that you maximize your chances of obtaining a license.