We Assure Restaurants Do HACCP Plans the right way

Kellerman Consulting are restaurant food safety experts. We assure that your food safety programs meet the required state and local regulations so you can stay focused on delighting your customers and avoid fire drills when health inspectors come in unannounced.

We are certified to write HACCP Plans in all 50 states, such as reduced oxygen packaging HACCP Plans, sous vide HACCP Plans, sushi rice HACCP Plans, Juice HACCP Plans & HACCP Plans for fermenting, pickling, dry curing, dry aging & smoking foods, and we have a proven track record getting approvals from health inspectors.

We work hand-in-hand with you to assure that you not only comply with all state and local health codes, but that you also have a process in place to effectively deal with unannounced inspector visits without having to sacrifice your exceptional customer service.

Kellerman Consulting assures you do FOOD SAFETY the right way. Call us today at (800) 535-1376 or email us at info@kellermanconsulting.com for a free assessment.


Step 1: Risk Assessment

We perform a risk assessment to determine what areas need to be addressed in order to assure that you are complying with all food health codes.



Step 2: Food Safety Compliance Program Building

We work with you to create a customized food safety compliance program tailored to your exact needs. 



Step 3: Ongoing Monitoring

We provide timely updates to you to make sure that you are always up-to-date on any upcoming changes to the food health code.